A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is an experimental open source cross platform game engine written in Haskell.

The engine is a prototype, it's not even at alpha stage!

Downloads currently only contain a binary of small editor allowing to load 3d model and play with some textures and light. To actually create something using the engine you need to dig deeply into the engine's source.

FLAW Website


Model Editor for Linux 26 MB
Version 99 Jul 25, 2019
Model Editor for macOS 9 MB
Version 37 Jul 25, 2019
Model Editor for Windows 38 MB
Version 73 Jul 25, 2019

Install instructions

Requires DirectX 11 support (or better) on Windows.

Requires OpenGL 3.3 support (or better) and SDL 2 on Linux and OS X.